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Know the journey, follow the dream


Burrundi Theatre for Performing Arts established in 2020. 

Burrundi translates "black" in Southern Yiradjuri/Wiradjuri dialect & is inspired by the vision and spirit of Black Theatre 1972-1977.

Founder & Artistic Director Kerry Johnson trained at ADTR 1988-1990.

The historical site of Black Theatre is on the block of the Aboriginal Dance Theatre Redfern.

Kerry's introduction to Gadigal country has been through the black arts, rooted in ideals synonymous to Black Theatre; 

Sovereignty , Self- determination, Justice, Equality, and Survival.

The fight for black rights and freedoms through the political expression of black arts.

Burrundi's vision is intrinsic to our tribal arts, dance, songlines and stories.

A modern day arts revolution fired by a collective of perspectives and platforms of black activism within the arts.

A futuristic expression of multidisciplinary art practice, rooted in tribal customs and philosophies.   

Arts to Burrundi is spiritual, and inspired by our experiences, thoughts, feeling and emotions.

It stirs the inner depth of our creativity to act, believe and do the impossible. 

Burrundi Theatre's mantra is life, hope, truth and love.  

Burrundi Theatre respectively acknowledges the trailblazers founders and artists associated to Black Theatre 1972-1977.

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